Can I drink the tap water?

How good is the tap water in Launceston, Australia ?

4 people said "I love the tap water here", 1 people said "I drink filtered tap water", 1 people said "The tap water is not safe to drink".

All in all, 67% of folks here drink from the tap.

How good is the tap water in all of Australia?

512 people said "I drink filtered tap water", 989 people said "I love the tap water here", 286 people said "The tap water is not safe to drink",

All in all, 55% of folks here drink from the tap.

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The best source for verifying tap water quality in Launceston, Tasmania would be the TasWater website. TasWater is the state-owned corporation responsible for providing water and wastewater services in Tasmania, including Launceston. They regularly monitor and test the water quality to ensure it meets the required standards. You can find information about water quality, including test results and any alerts or advisories, on the TasWater website. Here is the link to their website: On their website, you can navigate to the "Water Quality" section to access the latest water quality reports and information specific to Launceston.

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Josef Chromy Restaurant, Relbia - Restaurant Reviews, Phone ...   -370 Relbia Rd, Relbia, Launceston, Tasmania 7258, Australia .... she asked us what water we would like and we told her tap water would be fine we waited.


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