Can I drink the tap water?

How good is the tap water in Bucharest, Romania ?

36 people said "The tap water is not safe to drink", 22 people said "I drink filtered tap water", 15 people said "I love the tap water here".

All in all, 21% of folks here drink from the tap.

How good is the tap water in all of Romania?

50 people said "I drink filtered tap water", 46 people said "I love the tap water here", 63 people said "The tap water is not safe to drink".

All in all, 29% of folks here drink from the tap.

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Tap water safe to drink? Electricity current? - Bucharest Forum ...   -Jun 1, 2017 ... My husband and I have both been drinking tap water in Bucharest for the past month with no issues. Many Romanians here seem to prefer not ...

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Tipping guidelines and safe water - Romania Forum - TripAdvisor   -Apr 29, 2008 ... Answer 1 of 6: I am going to Romania with my family in two weeks. I have two questions for ... for Bucharest, Brasov ... Tap water is safe to drink.

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Can you drink the tap water safely in Bucharest, Romania   -The water may be safe to drink in Bucharest, Romania. Why? The water is chlorinated, so local people can drink water from the tap with no problems. However ...

The CDC's recommendations on which countries have safe drinking ...   -Aug 9, 2014 ... But yeah, places like Bucharest IIRC are horrible. ... I am an american tourist who drank Romanian tap water for the whole 10 days I was there ...

Dear sir madam How far is it to Bucharest city...   -Breakfast in the hotel is ok. I do recommend you buy bottles of water and snacks for the room though, I don't think you can drink the tap water. Have a great time.

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Can you Drink the Tap Water in Europe?   -Nov 8, 2017 ... The tap water is safe to drink in all major cities in Romania. Outside of the cities, you'll want to be a little more careful and stick to bottled water.

Romania - Wikitravel   -Bucharest — the capital of Romania, in which megalomanic monuments, .... using different species of fish, but take care, they use the Danube's river water!


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