Can I drink the tap water?

How good is the tap water in Austin, United States ?

40 people said "The tap water is not safe to drink", 37 people said "I drink filtered tap water", 36 people said "I love the tap water here".

All in all, 32% of folks here drink from the tap.

How good is the tap water in all of United States?

3749 people said "I drink filtered tap water", 4090 people said "I love the tap water here", 5357 people said "The tap water is not safe to drink",

All in all, 31% of folks here drink from the tap.

Can you drink the tap water in Austin then?

The tap water in Austin is generally considered to be of good quality. The city's water supply comes from the Highland Lakes and the Edwards Aquifer, which are both reliable sources of clean water. The water is treated and meets or exceeds all federal and state drinking water standards. However, the taste and quality of tap water can vary depending on factors such as the specific area within Austin and individual preferences. Some people may choose to use water filters or other methods to further improve the taste or remove any potential impurities.

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