Can I drink the tap water?

How good is the tap water in Turin, Italy ?

3 people said "I love the tap water here", 3 people said "The tap water is not safe to drink", 1 people said "I drink filtered tap water".

All in all, 43% of folks here drink from the tap.

How good is the tap water in all of Italy?

30 people said "I drink filtered tap water", 81 people said "I love the tap water here", 62 people said "The tap water is not safe to drink".

All in all, 47% of folks here drink from the tap.

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Turin - Wikitravel   -Turin[5] (Italian: Torino; Piedmontese: Turin), a large city of about one million ..... water, and thanks to the nearby Alps, the public water is very clean and fresh.

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I toretti (Turin) - 2018 All You Need to Know Before You Go (with ...   -Sparsi in tutta la citta | Piazza San Carlo, 10100 Turin, Italy. +39 388 ..... Having fountains offering free drinking water have long historic roots in the city of Turin.

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Water supply and sanitation in Italy - Wikipedia   -Water supply and sanitation in Italy is characterized by mostly good services at prices that are ..... Many Italian cities receive their drinking water from groundwater and springs. .... AQP serves 338 municipalities in the Apulia and Basilicata regions,; SMAT serves 286 in the Turin area of the Piedmont region,; Italgas serves 283 ...

Is Tap water okay for making Tea/Coffee in hotel room? - Rome ...   -Mar 17, 2015 ... Answer 1 of 23: I wondered if I can use the tap water in my hotel room to fill up my kettle, for tea and coffee, or do I ... Province of Turin, Italy.

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